Stones Journeys: Whithorn Saint Ninian Sites

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Beginning and ending in the Dumfries and Galloway town of Whithorn, this one day journey visits three sites associated with Saint Ninian: the Whithorn Priory in town, St. Ninian's Chapel on Whithorn Isle, and St. Ninian's Cave located just outside of town. Also visited is the excellent museum next to the Priory.

Sites to be Visited

Whithorn Monastic Site and Priory
Whithorn Priory Museum
St. Ninian's Chapel
St. Ninian's Cave

Journey to the Whithorn St. Ninian Sites

The first site on this 8.2 mile (13.2 km) journey is the Whithorn Monastic Site and Priory located in the town of Whithorn. The first church at Whithorn was also the first church in Scotland. Founded by St. Ninian, it was dedicated to St. Martin of Tours and was commonly known as the Candida Casa ("White House"). The remains of the earlier monastery are on the grounds as is the the ruins of the later priory located at NGR NX444240308. Visitors are encouraged to visit the excellent Whithorn Priory Museum, which has on display carved stones and crosses, including the Latinus Stone, Scotland’s earliest Christian monument.

Our second site on this journey, St. Ninian's Chapel, is 3.6 miles (5.8km) away on the Isle of Whithorn. St. Ninian's Chapel is the spiritual heart of the Isle of Whithorn where it is located at NGR NX4800636109. Some believe that St Ninian's Chapel on the Isle of Whithorn is on the site of St Ninian's original church, but most think it was built some time in the 1300s to cater for the flow of seaborne pilgrims landing here en route to St Ninian's Shrine in Whithorn. Detailed Driving Directions Map

Our last site on this journey is St. Ninian's Cave 4 miles (6.5km) away at NGR NX4212935962. You will need to park near Physgill Lodge and make your way on the path to the sea. Once at the beach, go right to the end of the beach to St. Ninian's Cave. Detailed Driving Directions Map

After visiting St. Ninian's Cave, return to the town of Whithorn. Detailed Driving Directions Map

Visitors Information

Visitors information on Whithorn may be found at the Welcome to Whithorn website. General tourist information for the larger area may be found at the Dumfries & Galloway Visit Scotland website.


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