Saints Journeys: Gray Cairns of Camster

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The Grey Cairns of Camster are two large Neolithic chambered cairns located about 28 minutes and 20.3 miles (32.6 km) south of the town of Thurso. They are among the oldest structures in Scotland.

The cairns, which are considered to be examples of the Orkney-Cromarty type of chambered cairn, were constructed roughly 5,000 years ago in a desolate stretch of boggy peat-covered moorland in the Flow Country of Caithness. They consist of two structures known as Camster Round and Camster Long.

From the center of Thurso NGR ND115685, take the A9 to the junction with A882. Take the A882 to Watten. About a quarter mile past Watten, watch for the signs to Camster. Take a right turn to the minor single track road that leads to the Camster Cairns 9 miles away. Proceed to a parking spot on your right and a path leading to the Camster Round Cairn. After visiting the cairn, proceed on the path to the Camster Long Cairn

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Camster Cairns may be found at the Historic Environment Scotland website. General tourist information for the area may be found on the Visit Scotland: Caithness and North Coast Sutherland Area website.


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