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Note: On many journeys since 1998 to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, I have counted on a number of books to get me where I am going. Below are some of the most useful ones. Please let me know if you have any that are particularly useful.

Britain's Pilgrim Places by Guy Hayward and Nick Mayhew-Smith

Sacred Britain: A Guide to Places That Stir the Soul by Martin Symington

The Spiritual Traveler: England, Scotland, Wales: Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain by Martin Palmer


The Old Stones edited by Andy Burnham

How to Read Prehistoric Monuments: Understanding Our Ancient Heritage by Alan Butler

Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape by Mary-Ann Ochota


Note: This issue lists selected authors who have written books that are particularly useful for research prior to traveling to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Listed are those authors and my favorite book by each of these prolific writers.

Alexander Moffat, Author of The Sea Kingdoms: The History of Celtic Britain & Ireland and other works

Max Adams, Author of The King of the North and other works

Neil Oliver, Author of The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places and other works

James Charles Roy, Author of The Road Wet, The Wind Close: Celtic Ireland and other works


Current Archaeology

British Archaeology

Archaeology Ireland

Websites and Blogs:

The Hazel Tree
A blog written by Jo Woolf, who lives by the sea in Argyll, Scotland, where she writes mostly about landscape, nature, and history - in particular the many ancient sites such as standing stones, rock carvings, and early chapels that are scattered around the Scottish west coast and its islands. Highly recommended. Great writing and wonderful photos from that part of the world.

Exploring the Islands of the West: Journeys to the Western Islands of Scotland
Readers are encouraged to check out the highly regarded blog of inveterate traveler to Scotland, fellow Washington State resident Marc Calhoun.

Megalithic Portal
Andy Burnham created and edits this site, funded as a non-profit making independent society that accepts photographic submissions of megaliths from individuals worldwide.


Prehistory Guys
Podcasts and more from Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott, authors of Standing with Stones.

Amplify Archaeology Podcast
Best podcast on Ireland Archaeology.

BBC In Our Time
Moderated by Melvyn Bragg, this valuable website feastures a wide variety of programs including many related to Saints and Stones topics. Examples: Saints Stones


Scotland's Research Framework for Archaeology (ScARF)
Designed to be the go-to research resource for Scottish archaeology, focusing on Scotland's regions. There are currently six regional research frameworks either completed or ongoing.

University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute
A world-class teaching and research organization dedicated to advancing our understanding of the historic environment through the creation, interpretation, and dissemination of archaeological knowledge. Its website, Archaeology Orkney, periodically issues information on ongoing published research in Orkney. In addition, the Institute has an excellent informative blog by Sigurd Towrie that you can subscribe to.

English Heritage
English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments, and sites, including world-famous prehistoric sites.


Sacred Icons
Beautiful icons of Irish, English, Scottish, and British Western saints created by Aidan Hart in various formats.


Jim Richardson
Stunning photographs of Scotland and Celtic Lands.

Ken Williams
Stunning photographs of the prehistoric art and monuments of Ireland.


England: British Museum

Scotland: National Museum of Scotland

Wales: National Museum Cardiff

Ireland: National Museum of Archaeology


Ancient Tracks
Tony Robinson walks the oldest roads to find the truth behind the megaliths, burial sites, ley lines, and hidden caves along their paths, and connects the clues left hidden in the British landscape.

Digging for Britain
A British television series in its 10th season on BBC presented by Professor Alice Roberts.

Megalithomania UK
Great aerial photos of megalithic sites in the UK and Ireland.

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