Saints Journeys: Glendalough Monastic Site
St. Kevin, who studied under St. Petroc of Cornwall and St. Eugenius at Kilnamanagh near Dublin, came to Glendalough where he became a monk for a life of contemplation. However, St. Kevin attracted many others, and Glendalough became a thriving center of monastic learning.

Of St. Kevin's many pupils, one of the most famous was St. Moling, founder of the well-known monastery of St. Mullins in County Carlow. Glendalough also owes its notoriety to St. Laurence O'Toole, the last of the canonized saints of Ireland and the most distinguished of scholars at the monastery, who eventually became the Archbishop of Dublin.

Glendalough contains the remains of at least seven churches, a Round Tower, a High Cross and many other structures. The monuments are spread over almost 2 miles (roughly 3 km). Some of them are clustered round the bottom of the Upper Lake with another cluster a short distance below the Lower Lake. In addition, there are are several isolated monuments.

The journey begins in Dublin, a little over 40 miles (approximately 54 km) and a little over an hour away. Head south towards the M50, which becomes the M11 and then the N11 to the junction with the R755. Turn right and continue south to the village of Larach where the road becomes the R756. A short while later you will arrive at Glandalough.

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Visited: June 20, 2002. First monastery in the UK and Ireland visted by

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Additional information may be found at the Glendalough Visitor Centre website.


Please check local road conditions for possible changes prior to venturing forth on this journey.

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