Saints Journeys: Saints Sites of Pembrokeshire

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This journey takes in three sites in Pembrokeshire in the far west of Wales.

Sites to be Visited

St. David's Cathedral
St. Non's Chapel and Well
St. Govan's Chapel

Journey to the Saints Sites of Pembrokeshire

The three sites can be visited in one-day. Starting in the city of St. David's, our base for this journey, we first visit the Cathedral. From there, we can walk to our next destination, St. Non's Chapel and Well, an easy stroll less than a mile away. After returning to the city of St. Davids, we drive to St. Govan's Chapel 35.6 miles (57.3 km) away. Lastly, we return to the city of St. Davids.

Our journey starts in St. Davids, the smallest city in the United Kingdom. Built around St. David's Cathedral, it lies on the River Alun on Saint David's peninsula in Pembrokeshire, Wales and is located at NGR SM7511025434.

Our first site is St. David's Cathedral, built in the 12th-13th Centuries on the site of St. David's original monastery and an earlier cathedral. It is walkable as it is in the city of St. Davids and located at NGR SM7511025434. Nearby is the 14th Century Bishop's Palace ruins, shoukd you wish to visit.

Our journey's next destination is St. Non's Chapel and Well, is also walkable and is less than a mile from the Cathedral. It marks the spot where, according to tradition, St. Non gave birth to her son, St. David, and is located at NGR SM7500724391.

After returning to St. Davids city, our next site requires a drive of 35.6 miles (57.3 km) to the parking area above St. Govan's Chapel, a small medieval church clinging to the ragged rock halfway down the cliffs of a secluded headland located at NGR SR9662593011. As the road to St. Govan's Head leads across an artillery tank range and is often closed to traffic, check first to see if the road is open. Call + 44 (0)1646 662287 for access information. From the parking area, access is by way of 52 stone steps from the top of the cliffs. According to legend, St. Govan was a 6th Century hermit who established a cell for himself on this lonely spot in the fashion of early Celtic Christian monks. Detailed Driving Directions Map.

After visiting St. Govan's Chapel, return to St. Davids. Detailed Driving Directions Map.

Visitors Information

Visitors information on the city of St. Davids, see the Exploring Britain's Smallest City website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit Pembrokeshire website.


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