Stones Journeys: St. Michael's Mount Saint Site

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This journey begins and ends in the major Cornwall town of Penzance, located at NGR SW475306.

Site to be Visited

St. Michael's Mount

Journey to St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall

The site may be visited in one day from all parts of Cornwall. This example begins in nearby Penzance, which is only 5 or so miles (8 km) away. St. Michael's Mount is located on an island a few hundred yards offshore in Mount's Bay from the ancient town of Marazion in west Cornwall. NGR SW5145029852. St Michael's Mount is a tidal island connected to the mainland by a causeway (a raised cobbled walkway on the sea bed). When the tide is high and water covers the causeway, you can hire one of the many small boats that cross over by boat.

St. Michael's Mount (Carrack Looz en Cooz in Cornish, literally "the grey rock in the wood") is a lofty pyramidal tidal island some 400 yards from the shore. In its many incarnations, St. Michael's Mount has been a monastery, a fort, a pilgrimage site, and a private residence. During the time of Edward the Confessor, it was a religious house and given by Robert, Count of Mortain, to the Norman abbey of Mont Saint Michel. It was a priory of that abbey until the dissolution of the alien houses by Henry V.

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the National Trust website. General tourist information may be found at the Visit Cornwall website.


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