Saints and Stones: Dundrennan

Dundrennan Abbey, a Cistercian monastery was established in 1142 by Fergus of Galloway and King David I of Scotland. Dundrennan (Dun-nan-droigheann) means "fort of the thorn bushes."

While not certain, some say that monks from Rievaulx in England assisted in its establishment. However, St. Aelred of Rievaulx visited Dundrennan often and, in 1167, the first abbot of Dundrennan, Sylvanus, succeeded Aelred as abbot of Rievaulx. Dundrennan became the mother house for two other Cisterican Abbeys in Galloway, Glenluce Abbey, founded in 1191, and Sweetheart Abbey, founded in 1273.

Mary, Queen of Scots spent her final night in Scotland at Dundrennan Abbey in 1568.

About Dundrennan

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Journey to Dundrennan

Dundrennan Abbey is located on the A711 in the town of Dundrennan 3-1/2 miles from Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway in southwest Scotland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland Dundrennan Abbey website. General tourist information is at the Dumfries and Galloway website.

Additional Photos of Dundrennan

Descriptive Sign at Dundrennan Abbey
Entrance to Dundrennan Abbey
Dundrennan Abbey Church Transepts
Dundrennan Abbey Transepts and Chapter House (right)
Dundrennan Abbey North Transept of Church
Effigy of Unknown Murdered Abbot, Dundrennan Abbey
Close-Up Effigy of Unknown Murdered Abbot, Dundrennan Abbey
Graveslab of Unknown Nun (Possibly Blanche), Dundrennan Abbey
Arches in North Transept of Church, Dundrennan Abbey
Chapter House Arches, Dundrennan Abbey
Tomb of Knight in North Transept, Dundrennan Abbey
Sedilia in the Presbytery, Dundrennan Abbey
Location of Columns in Nave, Dundrennan Abbey
Back of South Transept of Church, Dundrennan Abbey
Graveyard in Back of Church, Dundrennan Abbey
Looking Through Arches of Dundrennan Abbey at Countryside

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