Saints and Stones: St. Enda's Monastery (Teaghlach Einne)

Teaghlach Einne (literally "the household of Enda") is a small rectangular church probably first built in the 9th Century (with one account claiming the early 8th Century). Numerous additions were made to the structure later.

It is said that St. Enda is buried here, either under the altar or in another part of the interior. Also, it is claimed that 120 or so saints are also buried here. Within the interior are parts of several high crosses, which have been cemented together to form one cross. One piece of the cross features a rider on horseback, possibly the horse of the apocalypse, and may be from near the year 1000 A.D. when people thought that the end of the world was near. nIn addition, the interior contains an altar with spiral designs on one side and writing on the other, and two bullaun stones that may have been holy water fonts or mixing bowls..

Together with the area below St. Benan's Church, this area forms part of the large monastic village of St. Enda that began in the 6th Century. See St. Benan's Church (Teampall Bheanain) for photos of the area below St. Benan's Church.

About St. Enda's Monastery (Teaghlach Einne)

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Journey to St. Enda's Monastery (Teaghlach Einne)

St. Enda's Monastery is located near the village of Killeaney on the Aran Island of Inishmore, County Galway, Ireland.

Map Reference: L8907 approx.

Visitors Information

Visitors information and general tourist information may be found at the Aran Islands Tourism website.

Additional Photos of St. Enda's Monastery (Teaghlach Einne)

Road Sign for Teaghlach Einne
Descriptive Sign at Teaghlach Einne
Teaghlach Einne
Interior of Teaghlach Einne
Entrance to Teaghlach Einne
High Cross with Parts Cemented Together, Teaghlach Einne
Close-Up of High Cross Part, Teaghlach Einne
Interior with Altar, Teaghlach Einne
Close-Up of Altar Design, Teaghlach Einne
Close-Up of Altar Design, Teaghlach Einne
Close-Up of Entire Altar in Teaghlach Einne
One of Two Bullaun in Teaghlach Einne
Another View of Teaghlach Einne

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