Saints and Stones: Glenluce

Glenluce Abbey was founded ca.1192 by Roland, Lord of Galloway, who asked Cistercian monks from Dundrennan Abbey to set up a daughter-house.

Very little is known about the history of Glenluce Abbey, although it is said to have been severely damaged during a rebellion in Galloway in 1235. The abbey was apparently visited by Robert the Bruce and James IV, and Mary Queen of Scots was known to have stayed there.

Glenluce's location saved it from the repeated destruction that befell so many abbeys further east. The end of Glenluce's active life as a monastery came with the Reformation in 1560.

About Glenluce

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Journey to Glenluce

Glenluce Abbey is located on the A75 near the town of Glenluce in Dumfries and Galloway in southwest Scotland.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland website. General tourist information is at the Dumfries & Galloway website.

Additional Photos of Glenluce

Signs for Glenluce Abbey and Whithorn Pilgrim Way
Descriptive Sign at Glenluce Abbey
Glenluce Abbey South Transept
South Transept Gable, Glenluce Abbey
Part of South Transept, Glenluce Abbey
Back of Chapter House, Glenluce Abbey
Looking Out from the Chapter House, Glenluce Abbey
Back of Glenluce Abbey

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