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Jedburgh Abbey is one of the four great abbeys built in Scotlandís border country during the Middle Ages. It was founded initially as a priory by King David I in 1138. By 1154, the priory had been elevated to an abbey populated by Augustinian or "Black Friars." Building work would have been under way for the better part of a century. The abbey church at least would seem to have been complete by 1285.

Not long afterwards conflict overtook the abbey and it was used as lodgings for King Edward I of England in 1296 on one of his many trips north. In 1305, another English army stripped the lead from the abbey roofs to help in the construction of siege engines. By 1312, the abbey was seen as a supporter of the English cause when the Scots recaptured Roxburgh Castle and the abbot and 11 canons moved for safety to Yorkshire. For the next two centuries, the abbey suffered numerous attacks followed by partial rebuilding.

At the time of the Reformation in 1560, however, there were probably only eight Augustinian canons left in occupation of parts of the shell of the abbey, using an area under the tower of the Abbey Church for their services. They were allowed to continue to live at the abbey and their reduced Abbey Church became used as Jedburgh's Parish Church.

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Journey to Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey is situated on the A68 in the town of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders region of Scotland just 10 miles north of the border with England at Carter Bar. Jedburgh is the largest town on the A68 between Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Edinburgh.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland Jedburgh Abbey website. General tourist information may be found at the Jedburgh Historic Town website and at the Scottish Borders website.

Additional Photos of Jedburgh Abbey

Approaching Jedburgh Abbey
Site of Rectory, Jedburgh Abbey
Site of Abbot's Lodging, Jedburgh Abbey
Site of the Chapter House, Jedburgh Abbey
Looking Up at the Arches, Jedburgh Abbey
South Transept (Foreground) and Tower (Above), Jedburgh Abbey
Entrance Near South Transept, Jedburgh Abbey
Close-Up of Entrance Near South Transept, Jedburgh Abbey
Presbytery Windows, Jedburgh Abbey
From the Presbytery and Tower (Top) to the the End of the Nave (Bottom), Jedburgh Abbey
The Nave Looking West, Jedburgh Abbey
The Interior of the West Front, Jedbutgh Abbey
Pilars in an Aisle of the Nave, Jedburgh Abbey
Nave Arches from the Gallery, Jedburgh Abbey
Nave Arches from the Gallery, Jedburgh Abbey
Looking Towards the Tower from the West End of the Nave, Jedburgh Abbey
Closters Area, Jedburgh Abbey
Leaving Jedburgh Abbey

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