Saints and Stones: Longstone Cross (Long Tom)

The Longstone Cross is most likely to have once been a menhir that was then Christianised by carving a cross on its face.

As described, the nine foot stone has a relief Greek cross on both faces. Also called the Longstone or Long Tom, it stands alone, often amongst sheep roaming the moor.

About the Longstone Cross (Long Tom)

Megalithic Portal: The Longstone (Long Tom)
Modern Antiquarian: Long Tom
Pastscape: Longstone

Journey to the Longstone Cross (Long Tom)

The Longstone Cross is located just off the main road 1/2 mile southwest of Minions on the road north from the A38 in the eastern part of Cornwall.

Ordnance Survey Map (SX255705)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Longstone Cross may be found at the website. General Cornwall tourist information may be found at the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of the Longstone Cross (Long Tom)

Approaching Longstone Cross
Longstone Cross
Close-Up of Longstone Cross
Close-Up of Longstone Cross
Side of Longstone Cross

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