Saints and Stones: Ripon

The earliest church on this site is believed to have been built in 672 A.D. It is believed to have been the second stone building, built by St. Wilfrid, in Anglo-Saxon Northumbria. Saint Wilfrid brought stonemasons, plasterers, and glaziers from France and Italy to build his great basilica.The crypt, which may still be visited today, also dates from this period.

Today's church is the fourth on this site. The second church built was destroyed by William the Conqueror. Today's is one of the smallest, yet tallest, cathedrals in England. The minster finally became a cathedral -- a church where a Bishop has his cathedra or throne -- in 1836, the focal point of the newly created Diocese of Ripon, the first to be established since the Reformation.

About Ripon

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Journey to Ripon

Ripon Cathedral is located off the A61 in the city of Ripon in North Yorkshire, England.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Ripon Cathedral website. General tourist information is at the Welcome to Yorkshire website.

Additional Photos of Ripon

Reader Board at Ripon Cathedral
West Front of Ripon Cathedral
South Side of Ripon Cathedral
View of the Interior from the Nave, Ripon Cathedral
Vaulted Ceilings in the Interior, Ripon Cathedral
View from the Crossing into the Choir Interior of Ripon Cathedral
Statues in the Crossing, Ripon Cathedral
Sign Leading to Crypt Stairs, Ripon Cathedral
The 7th Century Crypt, Ripon Cathedral
Misericord, Ripon Cathedral
Misericord, Ripon Cathedral
East End of Ripon Cathedral

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