Saints and Stones: Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone

The Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone is a triangular stone that lies in a hedge on the lane leading to the Boscawenoon Farm.

As one visitor has pointed out, "Right next to the farm track, the pointy bulk of Bowscawen-Un hedge stone looms. Despite its rather everyday setting, this is a huge stone. Its triangular shape wouldn't necessarily mark it out as an obvious choice for a standing stone, so perhaps it was erected here on a spot close to its natural setting."

About Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone

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Journey to Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone

Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone is located west of the village of Drift and south of the A30 in the West Penwith area of Cornwall. About a mile west of Drift, look out for a farm entrance for Boscawenoon Farm on your left. Drive a bit and park where it says no cars beyond this point. Walk toward the farm. The stone lies in a hedge on the lane leading to the farm. (A second stone can be seen in a nearby field.) The Boscawen-Un Stone Circle lies ahead.

Ordnance Survey Map (SW417277)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone may be found at the Geograph website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone

Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone
Close-Up of Boscawen-Un Hedge Stone

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