Saints and Stones: Boskednan Stone Circle (Nine Maidens)

Boskednan Stone Circle, also known as the Nine Maidens or the Nine Stones of Boskednan, is a partially restored prehistoric stone circle. In 2009, archaeologists re-erected two of the fallen stones. Thus, there are now 11 upright stones in the circle.

According to a county archaeologist, the name of the circle would not have to be changed as it did not refer to the number of standing stones: "Many circles in Cornwall are called 'Nine Maidens', as the figure nine was always considered magical and mystical. The name doesn't really have anything to do with the number of stones in the circle."

The even spacing between the surviving stones suggests that the site was originally laid out as a perfect circle around 70 feet in diameter, comprising 22 or 23 stones, the inner faces of which would have been smooth and flat, a common feature of many Cornish stone circles. The stones average about four feet in height.

About Boskednan Stone Circle

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Journey to Boskednan Stone Circle

Boskednan Stone Circle lies on moorland in the West Penwith area of Cornwall in southwest England. Heading north on the Madron-Morvah road, just before the minor road to Great Bosullow and Chun Castle, you'll come across a farm track heading off uphill on the right. Park here and head up the track to Men-An-Tol. When you reach the right turn for Men-An-Tol, instead of turning off, continue on the track following it up and over the hill until you reach the stone circle.

Ordnance Survey Map (SW4342335133)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Boskednan Stone Circle may be found at the Cornwall's Archaeological Heritage website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Boskednan Stone Circle

Approaching Boskednan Stone Circle
Stones in the Northern Arc of the Boskednan Stone Circle
Stones in the Southwestern Arc of the Boskednan Stone Circle
Stones in the Southeastern Arc of the Boskednan Stone Circle
Close-Up of Northern Arc Stones in the Boskednan Stone Circle

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