Saints and Stones: Callanish (Calanais)

Dating from around 2000 BC, the central and row stones of Calanish altogether encompasses some 50 stones. The 13 primary stones between 8 and 13 feet tall form a circle about 43 feet in diameter, with a long approach avenue of stones to the north, and shorter stone rows to the east, south, and west.

The tallest stone is 16 feet high, and it marks the entrance to a burial cairn where human remains have been discovered.

Some experts have speculated that the alignments of the various stones were used to mark significant points in the lunar cycle, although other experts disagree with this theory. The stone circle and the north avenue were probably built before 2000 B.C., while the three single lines and the tomb added around 1500 B.C. Some time later, a stone tomb was added to the center of the circle.

The area around Calanais is home to over 20 monuments erected between 3000 and 4000 years ago.

About Callanish

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Journey to Callanish

The Callanish Stones, also known as Calanais and as Callanish I, are off of the A858 near the village of Calanais on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles, Scotland.

Streetmap UK (NGR NB2129833013)

Visitors Information

Visitors information may be found at the Historic Scotland and Calanais Visitor Centre websites. General tourist information for the Isle of Lewis may be found on the Visit Hebrides website.

Additional Photos of Callanish

Road Sign for Callanish Stones
Model of Callanish Outside of Visitor Center
Approaching Callanish from the Visitors Center
Approaching Callanish from the Visitors Center
View of Callanish from End of the South Avenue
View of Callanish from the North
View of Callanish from End of the North Avenue
West End Stone at Callanish
End of East Row with Loch Roag in Background
Central Area of Callanish
Burial Cairn at Callanish
16 Foot Tallest Stone at Callanish
Closeup of Stone at Callanish
Closeup of Another Stone at Callanish
Threateing Skies at Callanish

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