Saints and Stones: Carn Gluze (Ballowall Barrow)

Carn Gluze, also known as Ballowall Barrow, is an elaborate and unusual prehistoric funerary cairn that incorporates multiple phases of use and funerary practice spanning the Neolithic and Middle Bronze Age periods.

In its original state, in the center of the barrow was a mound surrounded by two concentric drystone walls. Contained within it were five small stone-lined chambers, known as cists, some with Bronze Age pottery and burnt bone. Two pits, forming a T-shape, may have been graves. The site was originally covered with a cairn of stones approximately 65 feet in diameter. The central mound may have been up to 15 feet in height.

It is unclear whether the mound or the entrance grave was built first. This central mound was surrounded by a stone platform, or apron, and two more cists were built against it. The apron also incorporates an entrance grave, which contained Bronze Age pottery and cremated bone.

About Carn Gluze (Ballowall Barrow)

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Journey to Carn Gluze (Ballowall Barrow)

Carn Gluze is located west of the village of St. Just in the West Penwith area of Cornwall. From the west side of St. Just, follow the Cape Cornwall road past Cape Cornwall School. Further on, as the houses end on the left hand side of the road, take an immediate left. This is not signposted, but it is Carn Glooze Road and will take you to the structure, which is on the left hand side of the road just after an old mine chimney. Parking is available a short distance past the barrow.

Ordnance Survey Map (SW355312)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Carn Gluze may be found at the Cornwall's Archaeological Heritage website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Carn Gluze (Ballowall Barrow)

Road Sign for Carn Gluze
Descriptive Sign for Carn Gluze (Ballowall Barrow)
Approaching Carn Gluze
Pit in Outer Wall of Carn Gluze That May Have Been a Grave
Small Entrance Grave in Carn Gluze
Circular Passage Between Concentric Walls in Carn Gluze
Small Cist in Circular Passage Wall in Carn Gluze
Interior of of Small Cist in Circular Passage Wall in Carn Gluze
Looking into the Central Mound of Carn Gluze
Possible Grave Site in Carn Gluze
Outer Wall of Carn Gluze

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