Saints and Stones: Duddo Five Stones

Duddo Five Stones is a stone circle in Northumberland near the village of Duddo. The stones were known as the Four Stones until 1903, when the fifth stone was re-erected. There were originally seven stones as is evidenced by the empty sockets of two stones on the site. The stones are formed of a soft sandstone and thus have become deeply fissured by natural weathering since their erection in the Early Bronze Age, approximately 4000 years ago.

The monument includes five standing stones forming a rough circle approximately 35 feet (10.5m) in diameter. The stones are weathered sandstone and vary in height from 5 feet (1.5m) to 8 feet (2.3m) with the largest stone being 6 feet (1.8) wide and over 1-1/2 feet (0.5m) in depth. Parts of the site were excavated in the 19th Century, and this work indicated that there were originally six stones.

About the Duddo Five Stones

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Journey to the Duddo Five Stones

The Duddo Five Stones are near the village of Duddo in Northumberland. Once in the village, look for the sign to the circle, which is accessible via the B5364 minor road that starts in the village. Once you see the sign for the stones, park on the verge as there is no car park. Walk through a gate and up a path to reach the stones. The stones are on private land with no formal right of way, but the landowner has cleared a permissive path across the field to the stones. The site of the Duddo Stones offers panoramic views of the Cheviot Hills to the South and the Lammermuir Hills to the north.

Streetmap UK NGR NT930437.

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Duddo Five Stones may be found at the Northumberland Archives website. General tourist information for the area may be found on the Northumberland Tourism website.

Additional Photos of the Duddo Five Stones

Sign in Village of Duddo Pointing to the Duddo Five Stones
Parking Sign at Start of Path to the Duddo Five Stones
Permissive Path Sign at Start of Path to the Duddo Five Stones
Start of Path to the Duddo Five Stones
The Duddo Stones in the Distance
Approaching the Duddo Five Stones
Another Look at the Duddo Five Stones
The Largest Stone at the Duddo Five Stones Site
Visiting the Duddo Five Stones
Three of the Five Duddo Five Stones
Remains of Possible Other Stones at the Duddo Five Stones
Leaving the Duddo Five Stones

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