Saints and Stones: Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex

The Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex consists of a number of structures, the most notable being a Bronze Age circle of 27 granite stones that stand in a clearing on a plateau of land within a Forestry Commission plantation. A pair of tiny stones mark a southern entrance and are flanked by larger stones, the tallest being about four feet in height. The circle forms a ring 60 to 65 feet in diameter.

To the north of the circle is a double row of low stones leading into the trees ending at a small mound. Two other minor stone rows and five cairns in bad repair complete what was once a major ceremonial site.

About the Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex

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Journey to Fernworthy

The Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex is located in the central area of Dartmoor National Park in Devon. From Postbridge, head northeast on the B3132, and take a left at the turnoff for Lettaford. Proceed on a series of minor roads toward the Fernworthy Reservoir. (A road map is essential.) Go past the official car park at the reservoir and drive as far as possible along the approach road. Park at the layby. A sign clearly shows the way up the track to the circle and further onto Dartmoor. Walk about 1/2 mile uphill, ignoring the right turn, and the stone circle is found in a clearing on the right. The other structures are nearby.

Ordnance Survey Map (SX65458415)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex may be found at the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks website. General tourist information for Dartmoor National Park may be found at the Discover Dartmoor website. General tourist information for Devon may be found at the Visit Devon website.

Additional Photos of the Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex

Gate at Beginning of Track to Fernworthy Ceremonial Complex
Approaching Fernworthy
Southern Arc of Fernworthy Stone Circle
Northern Arc of Fernworthy Stone Circle
Beginning of Northern Fernworthy Stone Row
Continuation of Northern Fernworthy Stone Row
End Stone of Northern Fernworthy Stone Row
Remains of One of Five Cairns at Fernworthy
Leaving the Fernworthy Site

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