Saints and Stones: Grimspound Ancient Settlement

The Grimspound Ancient Settlement dates from the late Bronze Age was probably first settled about 1300 B.C. The remains of 24 stone houses survive within a stone boundary wall, which may have stood 5-1/2 feet high in places and more than 15 feet thick.

The roundhouses, with an average diameter of over 11 feet, were each built of a double ring of granite slabs with a rubble infill, a technique still used in dry-stone walling. One of the dwellings has a surviving porchway with the two jamb stones still upright, although the lintel has fallen.

About Grimspound

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Journey to Grimspound

Grimspound is located in the central area of Dartmoor National Park in Devon in southwest England. From Postbridge, head northeast on the B3132 and turn right on the road that is signed to Widecombe. Travel a couple of miles down this narrow road keeping left at junctions with other roads. Eventually, there will be a layby on the left with room for 4-5 cars. Opposite the layby, there are four stone steps. Follow the trail towards Grimspound, a few hundred yards up on the left.

Ordnance Survey Map (SX7001980964)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Grimspound may be found at the English Heritage website. General tourist information for Dartmoor National Park may be found at the Discover Dartmoor website. General tourist information for Devon may be found at the Visit Devon website.

Additional Photos of Grimspound

Steps from Road Leading to Grimspound
Stone Path to Grimspound
Southern Entrance to Grimspound
Original Southeastern Entrance to Grimspound
Part of Outer Wall, Grimspound
Grimspound Roundhouse
Grimspound Roundhouse
Grimspound Roundhouse
Grimspound Roundhouse
Grimspound Roundhouse
Grimspound Roundhouse
Original Southeastern Exit from Grimspound
Grimspound from Hameldown Tor with Hookney Tor in the Distance

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