Saints and Stones: Longstone Cove

The Longstone Cove consists of two large stones. Also known locally as "Adam & Eve," the larger of them is the surviving component of a cove similar in structure to that in the north circle of the Avebury Henge, while the other is the only remaining stone in the Beckhampton Avenue.

According to one observer, "Recent excavations in the area around the Longstones also found the evidence of a sizeable, but long disappeared, enclosure. This has been dated at about 2900-2700 B.C., which is the same period as the first phase of the ditch and bank that surrounds the Avebury Henge.

About the Longstone Cove

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Journey to the Longstone Cove

The Longstone Cove is located off the A4361 southeast of the village of Avebury in Wiltshire in southwest England. Park on Nash Road and walk into the adjacent field to view the stones.

Ordnance Survey Map (SU089693)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Longstone Cove may be found at the geograph website. For general tourism information for Wiltshire, see the Visit Wiltshire website.

Additional Photos of the Longstone Cove

Private Land Sign Near Longstone Cove
Approaching the Stones, Longstone Cove
The Stone Known as "Adam," Longstone Cove
The Stone Known as "Adam," Longstone Cove
The Stone Known as "Eve," Longstone Cove
Close-Up of the Stone Known as "Eve," Longstone Cove

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