Saints and Stones: Rillaton Barrow

Rillaton barrow, a Bronze Age round barrow. is the largest round barrow on Bodmin Moor. It is about 30 yards in diameter and almost 10 feet high. The entrance chamber is halfway up the eastern side in a separate depression of its own. The cover slab is clearly seen sitting on the supporting side slabs, and there is a gap near one end through which the inside can be seen.

It was here that the famous Rillaton Gold Cup was found. It is now held in the British Museum.

About Rillaton Barrow

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Journey to Rillaton Barrow

Rillaton Barrow is located on the slope of Minions Moor in the eastern part of Cornwall in southwest England and can be reached from car parks located on the north and south sides of Minions village. It may be found about a quarter of a mile north-northeast from the Hurlers Stone Circles.

Ordnance Survey Map (SX2594371981)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Rillaton Barrow may be found at the Pastscape website. General Cornwall tourist information may be found at the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Rillaton Barrow

Approaching Rillaton Barrow
Entrance to the Rillaton Barrow
Entrance to the Rillaton Barrow
Interior of the Rillaton Barrow
Leaving Rillaton Barrow

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