Saints and Stones: Scorhill Stone Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle has a a diameter of 88 feet. Originally having between 65 and 70 stones, today 34 still remain. Of these, 24 still stand. The stones vary in height from a little over eight feet tall to a little over two feet tall. They are set relatively close together.

The consensus of opinion among experts is that originally Scorhill was the largest (as far as stone numbers go) stone circle on Dartmoor, although that is not the case today.

About Scorhill Stone Circle

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Journey to Scorhill Stone Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle is located on Scorhill Down in the central part of Dartmoor National Park in Devon in southwest England. From the village of Chagford, take the Manor Road toward Thorn and then onward to Teigncombe. Continue on past Batworthy Farm to Batworthy Corner. (See OS map.) The stone circle is a short walk north following the wall and the trees and then over clapper bridges crossing the North Teign River. (To the south of Batworthy Corner is Shovel Down Stone Circle, stone rows, and the Long Stone.)

Ordnance Survey Map (SX65458739)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Scorhill Stone Circle may be found at the geograph website. General tourist information for Dartmoor National Park may be found at the Discover Dartmoor website. General tourist information for Devon may be found at the Visit Devon website.

Additional Photos of Scorhill Stone Circle

Start of Path to Scorhill Stone Circle from Parking Area
Approaching Scorhill Stone Circle
Portion of Scorhill Stone Circle
Tallest Stone in the Scorhill Stone Circle
The Entire Scorhill Stone Circle from a Distance

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