Saints and Stones: Tregiffian Barrow (Cruk Tregyffian)

Tregiffian Barrow is a Neolithic or early Bronze Age barrow or entrance grave probably built sometime between 2000 and 3000 B.C. and composed of stone uprights, dry stone walling, and four (originally five) capstones. The northern half of the structure has been obliterated by the modern road.

The cup marked stone at the entrance is a cast replica of the original, which is now in the County Museum in Truro.

About Tregiffian Barrow

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Journey to Tregiffian Barrow

Tregiffian Barrow is located by the side of the B3315 just west of the Merry Maidens Stone Circle in the West Penwith area of Cornwall in southwest England.

Ordnance Survey Map (SW43042443)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for Tregiffian Barrow may be found at the Cornwall Guide website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

Additional Photos of Tregiffian Barrow

Sign for Tregiffian Barrow
Approaching Tregiffian Barrow
Arc of Stones in Front of Entrance to Tregiffian Barrow
Entrance to Tregiffian Barrow
Interior of Tregiffian Barrow
Replica Cup-Marked Stone at Tregiffian Barrow
Top of Chamber Capstones

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