Saints and Stones: Yellowmead Multiple Stone Circle

Yellowmead is a Bronze Age stone circle consisting of four rings of stones set within one another. The largest is approximately 65 feet in diameter and the smallest approximately 20 feet in diameter. They once encircled a burial cairn, although this is now barely visible. To the southwest, several possible stone rows lead away.

According to one visitor, "Not quite strictly concentric, only two of the circles share the same center and only the central circle is a true circle. The outermost circle contains the biggest stones, especially to the southeast. Even so, none of the stones is over five feet tall, and there are a lot of smaller stones in between. The next two rings are comprised of much smaller stones. The central circle is beautifully constructed, the stones virtually touching on the southern arc, making a closed ring surrounding a central space with a diameter a little less than 22 feet. If there was a central cairn, it is gone."

About Yellowmead

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Journey to Yellowmead

The Yellowmead Multiple Stone Circle is located in the south central part of Dartmoor National Park in Devon in southwest England. From the B3312 heading south to Yelverton, take the minor road east to Sheepstor. Go through the village and carry on until you reach a left turn signed "No through road." Take this lane and carry on to a car park at the end near a bridge. Walk over the bridge to an area adjacent to the Scout Hut on your right. Go left towards the tor over the boggy ground. The circle is quite hidden away as it is over a rise. When you see the farm buildings, keep straight ahead towards the tor until the circle comes into view.

Ordnance Survey Map (SX57486784)

Visitors Information

Visitors information for the Yellowmead Multiple Stone Circle may be found at the geograph website. General tourist information for Dartmoor National Park may be found at the Discover Dartmoor website. General tourist information for Devon may be found at the Visit Devon website.

Additional Photos of Yellowmead

Approaching Yellowmead with Sheeps Tor in the Distance
Yellowmead Multiple Stone Circle
The Inner Circle of Yellowmead
The Inner Circle of Yellowmead
Close-Up of the The Four Rows, Yellowmead
Close-Up of the The Four Rows, Yellowmead
Possible Stones Rows Leading to Yellowmead
Leaving Yellowmead

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