Saints and Stones: Zennor Quoit

Zennor Quoit stands on moorland about one mile from the village of the same name. According to one observer, "the Quoit is perhaps the finest surviving example of the Cornish variant of the portal dolmen. The Cornish form involves the addition of two flanking stones either side of the front closure stone, these flanking stones create a small enclosed space or 'forecourt' at the front of the tomb."

The quoit dates to 25001500 B.C. Aside from the massive 12-1/2 ton roof measuring 18 by 9-1/2 feet, which has slipped from its original position with one end resting on the ground, the chamber is in good condition. Five stones supported the roof. The chamber itself consists of seven upright stones and was originally covered by a cairn. It had a small porch at its entrance for the purpose of entering the chamber and also had an antechamber with an even smaller entrance.

It must be noted to future visitors that the four short stone pillars next to the quoit are not ancient but part of an unfinished cow-shed building project of a 19th Century farmer.

About Zennor Quoit

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Journey to Zennor Quoit

Zennor Quoit is located on a moor about a mile east of the village of Zennor in the West Penwith area of Cornwall in southwest England. From Zennor, drive eastwards towards St.Ives for about 3/4ths of a mile. The road climbs towards a house on the summit called Eagle's Nest. Just past here, there is a small layby where a car or two may be parked. Walk back up to Eagle's Nest, and opposite the house a track leads up to the moors. Where the track divides, take the left hand fork towards the quoit, which will appear after a short time.

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Visitors Information

Visitors information for Zennor Quoit may be found at the Cornwall Guide website. For general Cornwall tourist information, see the Visit Cornwall website.

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Approaching Zennor Quoit
Zennor Quoit
Zennor Quoit
Zennor Quoit
Interior of Zennor Quoit
Zennor Quoit's Huge Capstone

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