Saints Journeys: Inner Farne
In the year 678 A.D., Inner Farne was home to St. Cuthbert. After 12 years as Prior of Lindisfarne, St. Cuthbert retired to Inner Farne until he became Bishop of Lindisfarne in 684 A.D. He returned to Inner Farne when his health deteriorated and died there on March 20, 687 A.D. A church was built on the island in 1370 dedicated to him.

Apart from the Inner Farne Lighthouse, all the buildings on the island date from the monastic period. The "Fishehouse" situated beside the landing jetty is all that remains of the guest house that was built by St. Cuthbert for his visitors. After St. Cuthbert's death, St. Aethelwold the Hermit took up residence on the island.

The journey begins in the village of Seahouses, located NGR NU2232,just south of Bamburgh, on the Northumbrian Coast. To get to Inner Farne Island, located NGR NE687SZ, one needs to catch a boat from Seahouses harbor. Before landing on Inner Farne, the boat trip sails around a number of the Farne islands. It is recommended to book a boat trip in advance. Recommended Boat Trip Company

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Visited: May 8, 2013.

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Additional information may be found at the Visit Northumberland: Farne Islands website.


Please check local road conditions for possible changes prior to venturing forth on this journey.

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